The Team Every Business Owner Needs

Every small business owner needs a team to succeed. This doesn’t necessarily mean employees or partners (although both can certainly be a part of the team). These are people from various spheres of life and business whom you can trust.

  1. The Expert. Develop a relationship with someone in your field who is more experienced at whatever you’re doing. Pick his or her brain whenever possible. This person should be someone you can call when you’re completely stumped with a technical problem.
  2. The Big-Picture Person. For many people, this is a spouse. However, it can be any trusted person who can put things into perspective. The big-picture person can look at both your business and your personal life with clarity and perspective. Trust this person to help with decisions that relate to both your business and your personal life. He or she will become your go-to. This is the right-hand man (or woman).
  3. The Fellow Business-Owner. Find someone with a business on a similar scale, but in a different industry. This person understands what it’s like to be in the trenches. It can be helpful to swap business wisdom you’ve picked up, or just commiserate when necessary.
  4. Someone who Shares your Values. This person may attend the same church, or otherwise share your personal values. While some (or even all, if you’re lucky) of the other team members may also have similar values, choose a separate team member who is already living out those values in specific ways. This doesn’t have to be a fellow business-owner; in fact, it’s better if this is someone who is separate from that sphere. For a biblical example, see the relationship of Nathan and David in 2 Samuel, chapter 12.

Business owners frequently overlook the need for a team beyond their business. However, these four people should be present to provide wisdom and perspective in the many situations where knowledge is required.

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