Succession Planning

Take a deep breath. We can help you plan and prepare to transition your role within your business.

Who will sit in your seat?

Learn how to have a successful business that goes on well beyond you.

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Been running your business for a while?

Succession planning might seem like a huge confusing process but we can help. We help you take a look at your current operations, plan a transition, and see how to bring the maximum benefit to you.

Helping you navigate some of the hard questions and decide what’s best for you . . .

Minimize your taxes. Without proper tax planning, taxes could take up to 60% of what the business sells for

If done correctly, we can help save you a lot in taxes, depending on the specifics of your situation. We are experts on structuring the sale in a way that minimizes taxes.

Every situation is different

We meet with you and walk through what you want to do. We help you talk through the positives and negatives of options you’re considering. Learn how we can help you make this happen for your team.

This process can take anywhere from six months to four years …

We look at your business as unique — we approach it based on what you want and your family wants. Everyone has a unique plan. We help you develop and implement a plan.  We won’t leave you hanging. Learn how we can help.

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