Everyone has an eye to improving sales. Here are four solutions to consider:

Capitalize on Present Customers

This is by far the most cost-effective way to increase sales. You don’t have to waste time, money, and energy educating them about your company–they already know about your products and services. These existing clients need a reminder. Inform them of any new products, promotions, or services that you offer. You can do this through salespeople, direct mail, or e-mail.

Contact “Warm Prospects”

Warm prospects are people who already know about your business, but haven’t actually done business with you yet. They’re usually contacts you’ve met through networking opportunities or those who salespeople have called on previously. If it’s been a few months, their situation may have changed, or you may be offering a different product or service that they could use. Try to get an appointment or send an e-mail. Send an e-mail or try to get an appointment.

Design a Special Offer

This works wonders with retail stores and restaurants, although it can be beneficial to other business owners as well. The trick to a successful special offer is promotion. This can result in a quick sales burst. One obvious way is to use prominent window signs: choose a font and color that is clear, but not obnoxious. Lots of business owners worry about the balance between looking tacky but still getting attention. Fliers and e-mails can also be useful in promotion. Use a clear title with no grammatical or spelling errors: e-mails with typos in the subject line get deleted immediately.

Do a Daily Deal

Groupon and other daily-deals sites have begun to fall out of favor with retailers and restaurant owners, but these special offers can be useful. Be certain to spell out the conditions of the offer very, very clearly to avoid confusion and frustration. In addition, let your staff know about the offer so they are prepared to handle it. It’s very unpleasant when the people working at a business don’t even know about a Groupon offer.

Improving sales does not have to be complicated. Simple solutions can cause significant sales increases.

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