So you’ve completed the hiring process and found a good candidate for an open position. How do you make the transition period a success, both for you and for him or her?

1. First things first: train in the basics of the company first. More specific training will go more smoothly when a new employee understands the bigger picture. In addition, making the company basics accessible from the beginning will help the transition into a new company culture.

2. Be specific: When training in the day-to-day skills required for the job, be as specific as possible. If the employee is taking on the title that another employee previously held, have that employee heavily involved in the training of the new employee.

3. Invest early: It’s better to spend the extra time on an employee in the beginning, as it will prevent problems from cropping up later on. The sooner they get the hang of things, the sooner the value of the employee goes up.

4. Be open: Be ready to field any questions from your new hire. It seems obvious, but it can be easy to get caught up in the training and transition process. Pay close attention for any questions new employees may have.

5. Be open: Be ready to accept input from your new hire. After the first month or so, new employees might have ideas for improvement. Allow for these new ideas.

New hires can inject life into a business; however, the transitional period can be a tricky obstacle to navigate. By handling the situation well, you can turn a potentially bumpy transition into a smooth transition. Remember: helping new employees transition is not rocket science; a few simple preventative measures can make the entire process smoother.


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