The Cycle of Business Ownership

According to a 2014 study, there are 4 types of business owners. Infusionsoft divided business owners into four categories: Freedom Seekers, Passionate Creators, Legacy Builders, and Struggling Survivors. While they identified these categories as personality types, it’s clear that these types are really just points within the cycle of business ownership.

Business ownership is often cyclical; owners might create a start-up as Passionate Creators. Yet as the business grows, and problems become increasingly complex, they might tend to identify as Struggling Survivors. As owners become better equipped to deal with problems, they focus more on creating a long-term career for themselves, and identify as Legacy Builders. Finally, as they start to optimize their operations, they have the ability to have more free time and control over their company, becoming Freedom Seekers.

No matter where you are in the cycle of business ownership, you face unique obstacles and challenges. However, most people find that overcoming the same ongoing problems (what we call the Nasty Nine) can substantially improve their outlook and the health of their business. Becoming a Freedom Seeker is possible for any motivated business owner, regardless of his or her current view of business ownership.

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