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Evernote: This app is a lifesaver. Usually, I use Google Docs for things that I need to be able to access from multiple points. However, in the current Google Drive app, you can’t edit the documents. Irritating. So, I jumped onboard the Evernote bandwagon. It’s great.

TED: If you’ve ever had 5-10 spare minutes waiting in line or whatever, then you know how irritating it can be. Reclaim that time with the TED app. It has tons of TED talks on every subject imaginable. One of the coolest features is the create a playlist feature. You can choose how much time you have to watch, and the app creates a playlist of talks that fit into that time frame. This is also a great method to keep this from being a huge time suck.

Twitter: Twitter is actually a much more pleasing experience on your phone than your computer.

Pandora: Sure, it will eat all your data plan if you use it with 3G. Who cares. I love Pandora.

Dropbox: Not the most exciting app, but a solid choice. You’re probably already using dropbox on your computer, so it’s worth getting the free app to go along with it.

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